UHM provides Executive Healthcare Management Fellowships for healthcare administrators and policy makers.  We use a combination of lecture-based and hands-on courses, along with socializing activities.  The overriding goal is to teach our visiting executives best practices and share common challenges that assist them in operating an efficient and highly sophisticated administrative support service, clinical specialty department, hospital, or hospital network.


Having access to the personnel and resources of one of the nation’s top two largest medical schools, UHM is able to offer the full continuum of clinical training topics, including programs focused on primary care, diagnostics, surgery, or rehabilitation.

When we host visiting clinicians at IU Health, the training methods can include observerships, animal-model/cadaver instruction, and lecture series.  Further, UHM utilizes the IU Health Simulation Center, which is recognized as one of the most advanced replicas of the patient care environment where foreign healthcare providers can learn to apply cognitive, psychomotor, and affective skills in an interdisciplinary approach.

Clinical Specialties Include:

• Interventional Cardiology
• Electrophysiology
• Cardiac Surgery
• General Surgery
• Medical Oncology
• Radiation Oncology
• Surgical Oncology
• Urogynecology
• Ophthalmology
• Transplant
• Gastroenterology
• Surgical Diagnostic Pathology
• Critical Care & Emergency Medicine
• Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
• Sleep Disorders
• Wound Care
• Adult Family Medicine
• Geriatric Care
• Diabetes & Related Complications
• Pediatric Specialty & Primary Care
• Nursing
• Rehabilitation
• Clinical Pharmacy