Specialty Clinical Programs

UHM offers an appointed medical and operations director to collaboratively oversee the specialty clinical program’s operations for our international partners.  The appointed medical director will lead efforts to enhance the skill level of the program’s specialty clinicians, obtain needed infrastructure and equipment, and implement evidence-based clinical processes for patient safety, medical quality and infection control.  The appointed operations director will develop and manage strategies for financial growth, patient experience, IT adoption and utilization, human resources development and performance, among others.

UHM will support the medical director, operations director and the foreign partner by providing education programs at IU Health for the staff of the specialty clinical department.  Education programs are a critical component of an effective operation and are a major part of our management service.  Further, there may be opportunities to provide additional IU Health personnel and resources on-site using telemedicine technology.


UHM provides executive-level management to our international partners to oversee day-to-day operations.  A combination of a chief executive officer, chief operating officer and/or chief medical officer leads our partners’ hospital in the development and oversight of governance structures, operational processes, infrastructure, medical quality systems, middle- and senior-management human resources, and specialty clinical programs.  The aim for executive-level management is to deliver the same level of innovation, efficiency and evidence-based medicine as IU Health branded hospitals in the United States.  A combination of education and consulting services provided by UHM will support the executive team, physicians and staff in the improvement of patient care delivered by our partners.