Kun Ma, MD, PhD, MBA

President & CEO, University Health Management China, Inc.

Kun Ma, MD, PhD, MBA Dr. Ma is a currently a Director at CHV Capital, Inc, managing the investment processes in the pipeline and portfolio companies.  He has worked for Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation, managed numerous technologies in biopharma/life science field, negotiated and maintained deals with a broad range of companies from startups to multinationals. He also worked for Tripos, Inc. as a Market Research Analyst and a Financial Analyst. He helped the marketing group to segment the market for the company's computational chemistry products and services and optimized marketing strategy. He also conducted full-scale company valuation, and evaluated gaps between the results and the market cap to help make financial and business strategies. Dr. Ma also worked for Zystor Therapeutics, Inc., an early stage biotech company, and developed a strategic plan of preclinical and clinical trials for the company's pipeline of large molecules, incorporating regulatory requirements, development timeline, and financial requirements. He also held a research position at the National Laboratory of Molecular Virology and Genetic Engineering, an institution devoted to research and commercialization of large-molecule therapeutics for infectious diseases, immune diseases and cancers.

Dr. Ma has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Indiana University, an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from the Olin School of Business of Washington University in St. Louis, and a MD from Beijing Medical University.

He resides in Indianapolis with his wife and two children.